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Grow Together



At Martinus College, students are in the lead. In the choice of education methods, in decision-making and in how they want to shape their future. So when they asked me to create a visual system to brand the environment of their Science Lab, I immediately shifted focus towards them. How can I create a tool that the students themselves can use to create the branded designs?

I decided to keep it extremely simple: one shape, one rule. The shape: a singular molecule. The rule: always connect to at least one other shape. Thousands of molecule-stickers where created, with which the students got to take-over the hallways, walls and ceilings of the Science Lab.

An event was planned where the students, group by group, got to design together. With an animation playing on all screens trough-out the schools, the kids were informed about what was about to happen. A full day was spent applying, interacting and creating together. The result: a unique branded interior for Science Lab, created by the students themselves.


"The visual system matches perfectly with the character of the school: let the students lead the way."

Concept - Léna Robin, Lisa van Kleef @ LAVA

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