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Good vibrations



A new digital identity for CJP that is all about hard hits, soft shocks, shaken stirs and good vibrations. 

In the search of a better connection with their audience and a brand that matches the new energy of the organisation, CJP asked for help. Instead of a design-system that explains what CJP is, I wanted to create a brand that behaves like them. That captures the energy. That is aligned visually to whatever is communicated. What is the feeling someone should get when interacting with CJP?

CJP is all about the hit. The sensation of experiencing an amazing performance. A festival-visit that shakes you up. The vibrations you feel when connecting with an entire audience. CJP hits you. In the most thrilling way possible.

This sense of the hit is applicable in several parts of the brand: typography, graphic elements, copy and motion. For these facets custom made tools are created that enable to create the right amount of hit for each item that is developed. Besides that a social media strategy and system are developed in which the design reacts to the different types of content: soft vibrations for easy communication, booming thrills for active messages.


With these tools and strategy a wide range of items can be created, all communicating the unique energy of CJP.​

Concept - Lisa van Kleef @ LAVA

Art direction - Lisa van Kleef @ LAVA

Design - Lisa van Kleef, Francesco Bevilacqua @ LAVA

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