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Asko|Schönberg: one of the leading ensembles for new music. Operating around the world with awarded performances and legendary musicians like Louis Andriessen, Claude Vivier and Reinbert de Leeuw. Asko|Schönberg explores how new music leads to unexpected, high quality experiences. Characterized by curiosity, experimentation and innovative programming with an eye on the future.

Every cultural institution has been in the middle of transformation now that the cultural scene is changing more rapidly than ever. As a pioneer of innovation Asko|Schönberg has opened up their definition of being an ensemble. Transforming from being only a performer, to being curator, facilitator and platform as well. This shift asks for an entirely new approach to branding.

All different roles of Asko|Schönberg are interlinked with one crystal clear core. Music. No matter what the challenge, the question or the consideration is: music is the answer. That's why, in the new brand, music is the hero element. Every visual that is created, is generated by sound. For every performance, project or experiment, visuals are generated using the music of that specific piece. With a custom made briefing-tool the client is facilitated in sharing the characteristics of the performance.

In order to unite all moments of communication, I built a recognizable brand-layer. This layer behaves the same as the organisation functions: facilitating space for unexpected, high quality experiences, but being ever present. A sophisticated rhythm of appearing and disappearing. With this system both a playful freedom and a high recognizability are captured.

"When softly moving the bow, gentle ripples become visible. They flow. Then the melody turns dynamic, spiky. The visual follows, everything dances."

Words & Music Festival

Concept - Lisa van Kleef @ LAVA

Design - Lisa van Kleef @ LAVA

3D visuals - Niels van der Donk, Jelmer den Adel, Franesco Bevilacqua

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