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Boxes are for pussies



Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Eleven days of theatre, performance, dance. Of not-yet-discovered and untamed makers. Of in between categories and all over boundaries. Of scruffy theaters and sloppy venues. Of all you never wanted. And a little more.


It’s the 21st century. It’s time we stop categorizing, tagging, labeling. To encounter a richness of creativity and innovation. A multitude of ways to deal with existing frameworks. To obscure the beauty of details and shades. Of letting go of yes or no or in or out. Fuck boxes. Boxes are for pussies.

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Posters in the streets, video billboards at metrostations, pretty pink pussy merchandise and a lot of online activity. Boxes Are For Pussies took over the city of Amsterdam. People loved it, people found it weird: a perfect fit to Amsterdam Fringe Festival.


Concept - Lisa van Kleef @ LAVA

Art direction - Lisa van Kleef @ LAVA

Design - Lisa van Kleef @ LAVA

Video - SPEKTR

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